Bizon Wood Decorations

All of our wooden products are made in Europe and all are FSC®-certified (nr: FSC C016391) . FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). The FSC® system ensures that forests can continue to retain through responsible forest management. With responsible forest management they protect the habitat of plants and animals and respect the rights of local people and forest workers.

for inside and

Bijzonder means special in Dutch. That is why we called our wooden products Bizon wood. Bizon wood represends a trendy range of wooden items.

Bizon wood offers products for in- and exterior. Which means that in every part of the house (garden, living room, kitchen et cetera) we can offer you a big variety of models.

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For more information about Bizon wood or having a closer look at our items please contact or your sales representative.