iQ pottery | Dutch design pottery

iQ pottery I Dutch Design pottery


iQ pottery, is one of the newest concepts we have at Tel International.

Known for its modern way of looking and most imporant known for its great quality .
Let us provide you from more information about iQ pottery.

iQ pottery is extremely lightweight which means it is easy to move around your garden. Imagine having a pot with a plant that needs shelter in the winter, or you want to move your pot to another corner. This userfriendly pot will make it extra easy to move it around.

Besides that, iQ pottery is frost resistant up to -40 degrees and gives the roots of your plant optimal insulation.
UV resistance up to 50 degrees. So no matter in which country you live iQ pottery is suitable for every climate.

We care about the world and would like to make the world a greener place. That is why iQ pottery is also recyclable and sustainable produced in the Netherlands.

Do we need to say more? iQ pottery is the pot for everyone!

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